Sunday, December 6, 2009

Smartest Baby in the whole world!

Okay, so most of you know of our genius baby. We have actual footage of Caleb feeding himself. He was 10 or 11 days old at this time. Now he didn't make the bottle or anything, but the fact that he held it all by himself at this age is absolutely amazing in my eyes. But then, almost anything he does is amazing to me. He is also a WONDERFUL burper. Like basically, most of the time, all you have to do to burp this kid is sit him up and he will burp loud and clear for you. I love it. I seem to recall someone once said that if you had the choice between a genius baby or a baby that burped good, most people would say a baby that was a genius, but what you really want is a good burper. Then they don't cry forever. Good advice. I love my family. I never thought that being a mom would be this much fun, pain, and stress all at the same time.
Caleb is getting better though. His yellow is gone, so no more jaundice and he is eating about 2 ounces at every feeding. Which is good, that means he will be putting on more weight. His eye is getting better, he had or has a blocked tear duct and the doc gave us some medicine for that. That is really helping. Steve loves being a daddy. You can see it in his face when he is feeding Caleb. Maybe not when he is changing the poopy diapers, but it's all good. He is such a HUGE HELP. Man, I could not imagine doing all of this on my own. I would go insane. Certifiably insane. Rexburg is freezing. It is too cold to snow. Below freezing all the time. Nights are sometimes below 0. I do NOT want to take Caleb out in the cold. But, times call for it sometimes. I will avoid it if I can.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mommy at last....

Okay so WHOOOOO I AM A MOM! I can't believe that I am finally a mom. He is sooooo perfect. He looks like Steve except for all of that long dark hair of his. Which I adore. Caleb Andrew was born on November 24 at 1:22pm. He weighed in at 6 lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long. He is having a little trouble breastfeeding right now. He has a tongue thrust and he likes to suck on his tongue so we are trying to teach him to open his mouth and put his tongue down. Which is apparently WAY more difficult than I thought it was. Other than that he is absolutely perfect. We are so glad that he is finally here. I don't know if he shares these same feelings, but he is just going to have to deal right now. He will thank me later. Okay so labor is absolutely the WORST thing I have EVER done. I now have a new meaning of the number 10. You know when you go to the hospital and they have you rate you pain 1-10? Yea, what I thought was a 6 or 7 before is now a 3. But the labor only lasted 5 hours total and I was really only in pain for 3 of those hours. I went from a 2 to a 8 in 2 hours. Much pain. I did end up getting an epidural which was bliss for the last hour. YOU DON'T FEEL ANYTHING! I couldn't even get my legs to move hardly. They were basically logs that Steve and the nurse had to hold for me. So was it worth it? Definitely. No doubt about it. I think a perfect world would have the women be the ones who were pregnant and carried the baby for nine months and the dads/men did the labor and delivery part. But if that happened, we would have WAY less babies in this world. I hope you think he is as cute as I think he is. And if not, oh well you don't have to come see him. Love ya!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

And Counting......

Okay so whoever said that the last month of the pregnancy is the longest was TOTALLY RIGHT! This little guy is taking forever to come. I know I am not due for another 8 days but the fact that I don't know when he is going to come is driving me insane! I wish that I knew he was going to come on a specific day so that I can be completely prepared for that day. I won't even ask for the time. Just the day. I am tired of wondering will it be today? The fact that I have contractions everyday sometimes 6 to 8 minutes apart doesn't help things. Should I start timing them when my stomach hardens or when the pain starts? Because sometimes it is different. I don't know what to do, this is my first time. SO ANY advice is good advice. I will accept it willingly and gracefully. So an update on Caleb. He is now 6lbs. 9oz. which is a very good size for a baby. He is officially ready to come and we are ready for him. He just needs to pick a day. If he listens to his dad, then he will be coming on Friday. If not, then that is fine with us as long as I get to spend Thanksgiving at home with my family. Food, think of all the fabulous food we will get....... I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!!!! Everything is going pretty good here. My Grandma is having surgery on Thursday and we are going to see her after Steve gets off work. It will all be okay... Well I will talk to you later! LOVE YOU!

Monday, October 26, 2009


So life here is going pretty good. Caleb is continuing to grow, which is Excellent news! Thank you everyone for your prayers. He now weighs a whopping 4 lbs 15 oz! YEA!!! He still has some growing to do, but that is why he is still in me, because that is the safest place for him right now. We went to the hospital last week, I couldn't feel him move all day long, which isn't good and very unlike him. Turned out he was okay, because he started kicking once the monitors were all hooked up and everything. Fun Stuff! I guess he likes the camera or being the star of attention. Is that good or bad? I am having a hard time eating lately. I feel like I can't eat anything. Or I am not eating enough. I can't lay on my back anymore, it is WAY too hard to breathe. And the snuggling is starting to go out the window, because I am too big to snuggle with and I can only lay a certain way. Steve is doing great at school. He loves his business classes, but he isn't so keen on either his accounting or finance class I can't remember which. Midterms were this past week and he freaking Aced them!!!! YEA!!! I am so proud of him. He is becoming more and more like a dad each day. I love it. Everything is starting to come together nicely for when Caleb comes. We have 4 weeks until the due date. That is so exciting. I hope that he comes a little early like the Friday before, or right on time. We will see what happens. It is up to him I guess. I have been on bed-rest lately...kinda... I usually do couch-rest so that I can still help people and kinda keep my house clean. The doctors say that whatever I have been doing to keep it up cause he is growing better than ever. So, basically keep being lazy and letting my hubby do all the work. Sounds like a plan to me! It looks like snow here in Rexburg. Very windy, cold, and cloudy, plus the fact that it is almost November and it has only snowed once. Very interesting. Oh well, it's not like I can go out and play in the snow anyways. Love you all, hope this finds you well!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Little Caleb...

So, baby Caleb is getting bigger, slowly but surely. Last I knew he was like 3 1/2lbs, which was like a week ago. So he is definitely supposed to me bigger, but it is good that he is growing. My amniotic fluid is still the same. Which if I am correct, it is supposed to be getting less as he grows and takes up more room. But I am not positive on that. I am 33 weeks along and getting closer each day. My hope is that he is at least 5 lbs. by the time is born. Pray for us.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay well as promised, here are some pictures of the nursery completed. I hope you like!
So because I couldn't paint the room, but I did anyways, I helped. I painted some edges and door frames. I wore this mask so that the fumes wouldn't bother me. Steve couldn't really understand me when I talked and I sounded like Darth Vator when I talked and I had to talk slow and loud for him to even have a chance of understanding me. Funny right?
The changing Table

The posters that are above the crib

The crib
Half the dreser and a close-up of the plaque I made
The dresser with a bunch of blankets on top
The closet

Well, if you hadn't heard or saw, It freaking snowed today! What the heck?! I don't like the snow right now. It is cold, wet, damp, and everything else that is awful in this world. Snow isn't my friend right now. I complained all day about the snow. It is cold and wet. I didn't go outside except to throw the first snowball of the season at Steve when he was on his way home for lunch. HEheheheeheheheh! But he didn't even fight back! He just let me throw the snowball at him. That part wasn't so fun. He said he wouldn't fight back right now cuz I'm so big and pregnant that it would be hard to run and manuever around. So I'm glad about that. Life is going pretty good right now here. Caleb is doing good, he is having a fun time in there I think. It is warmer in there than it is out here so I hope he is comfortable. We are going to the doctor more and more now. Fun times. I am due in about 7 weeks. Exciting! But hopefully, he will come on time or a week earlier. I don't want him to be too early, that isn't very good. Well, life is good. Have a great day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sorry it's a little blurry, but there is my ever expanding belly at 31 weeks. The baby could come in 6 weeks from now and not be a premature baby. HOLY COW! We are painting the baby's room today. Or rather Steve is. He says I can't post any pictures of the room until it is completely finished. He said it is an incentive for me to hurry and get it done. Everything painted and set up in the room wise. I'm excited. It is going to looks sooooo cool when we're done. I'm excited. Setting up the crib and everything will be fun. We are making biscuits and gravy and sausage. Steve has been looking forward to this meal all week long. I think he might be having cravings as well. Weird... I am loving ice cream now. I have a bowl everyday. Of the delightful rocky road. SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!! Well have a great day and week! Love ya!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I don't even know...

So life is going pretty good right now. I have been having some braxton hicks contractions on a regular basis it seems like. At least one or two a day so far. Steve started to get worried the other night, but I was all like, "Honey, until I start having 4 or more in an hour's time then we don't need to worry." He is being so good to me. Man those hurt so bad!!! Thats why I don't know if they are braxton hicks contractions or not cuz they say that those kind of contractions don't hurt. So I don't know what they are. Anyone out there know for sure? Baby Caleb is kicking up a storm and not caring where he kicks me or if it hurts or not. Like the ribs, tummy, side, wherever. LOL. I guess that I should get used to that. Steve is soooo cute. Everytime he sees Caleb move or whatever, he gets this look in his eyes and he says that he just can't wait to meet him and hold him. He also says that he is HIS son when he doesn't need changing, all the other times, he is MY son. I told him good luck with that. He is enjoying school so far I think. Learning a lot and loving every minute of it. I'm glad that he loves to learn.
Managing is cooling down a little bit, which is nice. I don't have students constantly hounding me 24/7 and demanding things from me that I cannot deliver. Life is going good overall. I can't wait to see my family. LOVE YA!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Okay so being managers isn't ALWAYS what its cracked up to be. I love doing most of it, but there are times when I really don't like being the bad guy. Steve has officially decided that I am the bad cop and he is the good cop. I don't like that. I would rather they hate Steve rather than me. But life isn't fair and anyone who tells you otherwise, is selling something. The Davenport's, the owners, seem to really like us and the job that we are doing. So that is a good thing. Usually I will get up and straighten the house a little bit before people come over and start asking questions or paying for something. Then, if I get around to it, I will water the lawn for a couple hours to keep the property looking nice. I have to clean the laundry room and the lounge everyday. Which includes taking out the trash and moving the couches back to where they need to be. I also have to feed the fish and take care of the pond, making sure that it is full and the fish don't die. All good things. Doing the paperwork I don't really mind, but I really don't like having to go door to door collecting rent from people and being the bad guy. I think I will have Steve put up our privacy windows in the house so that we can have the windows open to let some light in, but people can't see in. One of those magical things... Our office hours are from 10am to 5pm, but that doesn't seem to register with some of the students. We have had people stopping by at like 9pm! What the heck?! That is my bedtime. Why?! That is the frustrating part. We are having a mandatory meeting this Wednesday about Crestwood and the rules and stuff and that is something that we are going to go over so that Steve and I can still have "OUR" time.
News about our little baby Caleb...

I went to the doctor the other day and they told me that I have an excessive amount of amniotic fluid. Which can mean some pretty bad things can happen. The placenta can detach early, which is no good. And other things that I still need to get clarified on. The doctor said that this only happens to 1% of women, so lucky me. He also said that the things that can cause it is that the baby or I can have gestational diabetes or like a cleft palate or lip. I don't remember which. I'm not too worried about it though. These things can be fixed. He wants me to have a no-stress screening test done every week though just to watch things and make sure everything is still going okay. From what I understand, they just hook you up to a monitor machine thingy and monitor the baby's heart beat and how much amniotic fluid is in there and making sure you're not having contractions. So, it is going okay right now. I haven't had any tests yet, so no update there. I'm excited to see everyone and to steal mom away for Thanksgiving. HEHEHEHEHEHE... that will be fun! I am now about 29 or 30 weeks along, depending on which doctor you go by. So we only have about 10 or 11 weeks left! How exciting! My project this month is to get the baby's room ready. And by that I mean painted and everything put together. And set up. I need more diapers still and to figure out how to put that darn carseat in the car. I have no clue how it goes in there. Some help from those past mothers and fathers out there that know how to set it all up?
Steve has started school again finally. He is taking Accounting, a Business class, Family Religion, Economics, and something else. He is liking them so far, which is good. He comes home to stop and get something to eat everyday which is awesome. All but one of his classes is right across the street so he doesn't have to walk or ride his bike very far. It is already starting to get a little chilly here somedays. Hopefully, we won't have snow until at least October this year. Well life is good. I hope you like my house!
The Living Room/Office
The Kitchen
The Bathroom
The Hallway
The Nursery

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New House!

So we moved in this week on Tuesday. We were supposed to move in at 8am, but some unexpected events occurred and we couldn't move in until 6pm. What happened was the old managers' son broke his arm while they were moving and so that put a halt in things. It kinda sucked. We bought donuts and everything for the people that were going to help us move, but since we couldn't move until that night, Steve and I ended up eating almost all of them. Well, mostly me. I had like 4 or 5 donuts by the time Steve had had 2. I know. Horrible. But they were delicious. I am craving some cinnamon rolls right now. They sound so good. We or rather I, unpacked and put everything in some place on Wednesday. Just about everything anyways. I started my job a day early on Thursday and we have already had a white glove meeting on Friday and did some yard work on Saturday. Steve is having a hard time going to work now and then. He just wants to stay home and help me around the house. Or so he says. I am thinking he just wants to play some video games or something. I can't be sure though, there are a lot of things that need to be done. We need to paint the house, the nursery, clean the kitchen, tear down the wallpaper in the kitchen, replace it with something pretty looking, and do some handiwork around the house. I know, it's a lot to do. But I want the house looking perfect for our new arrival. The nursery and everything needs to be set up and painted soon. I would like it done before the baby comes so that it doesn't have to be done when he comes. I still need diapers. Tons of diapers. And wipes. So, if anyone feels the need, I wouldn't stop you from getting us those. Can you just put new wallpaper on top of old wallpaper? Or do you have to take down the old wallpaper before you put up the new? I will put up some pictures of my baby bump soon. I am just so busy all the time. I hope that my bump does get bigger so that people stop looking at me like I'm just fat instead of pregnant. Oh well. Have a great day and enjoy your summer while it lasts!

Friday, August 21, 2009


We are moving on Tuesday. So this weekend we will be packing and getting the house ready. I hate the packing part so I am procrastinating it as much as possible. This is going to be the best and worst part of this week. We planned out our meals for the next week and are so excited for what we planned. Cheap, affordable meals that will be yummy. We are excited. My brother and his wife and baby may be joining us this next week for a couple of days. That will be so much fun if they can do that. We will be in our new house on Tuesday so that will be fun. I like the unpacking part cuz then everything is new and you get a change in things. The packing just makes a mess out of boxes and totes and everything else. No fun. We are watching Caleb get bigger and bigger. You can see him kick now. My belly moves and everything. It is so cool looking. Life is going good here in Idaho. The temperature is wonderful. It isn't too hot or too cold. It is perfect. But then, once the fall or winter comes it isn't very fun. Too cold for me. Steve loves it though. He is weird like that. I would much rather be hot than cold. People always say to me, well you can always put more clothes on. I say you can always take them off. The birthday suit is and always have been a favorite of mine. Weird huh. I like the swimsuit option. With a pool option of course. I like it. Well, have a great summer!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So Steve and I got the management position!!!!! We are so excited! We will be working on a men and women's student housing complex. So it will be a full-time job. Including like clean check's, lawn maintenance, and lots of other things that we are in charge of. So my last day at work at the Dentist's office is Wednesday the 19th of August? I think. It's next Wednesday though, whatever date that is. We move into our new house on August 25. So we are trying to sell our apartment as soon as we possibly can. We have already had a couple of people come by and look at the place, but no follow-up things since then. So that is a little dissapointing. But life will continue. So we are selling our kitchen table and chairs, the office desk, the couch, the entertainment center, and giving away our funky chair. The house we are moving into, come with those things so we don't need them and there is no use in storing them when we have them in the house and we don't know how long we will have this job. This will save us so much money! We can save up for the baby and whatever expenses this baby will bring. And that will be a lot of stuff. It is a good thing that I cleaned the house last week. Now, it doesn't take me like 2 hours to clean, but like 30-40 minutes. It is exciting. Hopefully we will be able to sell this place and not have to pay the rent for September. That would suck. Joe and Leah are having a baby boy! YAY! That is exciting. And Eric and Kelcie and coming to spend this weekend with us, which rocks! Joe and Leah and Cannon are coming, hopefully, a week later. But we don't want to curse it. So we will keep our fingers crossed, but not say anything definite. I will ttyl!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

Okay so this week I had off from work so I had the "bright" idea to clean my house while I am home this week. I mean like really clean it. Deep down, cleaning mopboards, scrubbing tubs, that kind of clean that you always dread when you're a kid and it starts to come around to the spring time of year that most houses refer to as the dreaded Spring Cleaning. Well, I hate it now as much as I did then, but the difference is that it is my house now and it is only going to get done if I do it. How is that fair? I hate the deep down cleaning part, but then once it's all done, it looks great, if you can keep it up. I mean there is no use to cleaning your house if you're just going to let it get all dirty again. I have that problem sometimes. I clean the house on Saturday and then get lazy and don't keep it up during the week to just come around and have to work hard to clean it all over again on Saturday. So, so far I have done the bathroom, office(kinda), and the bedroom. The office is only kinda done, because that is Steve's domain and I don't want to put stuff somewhere that I won't remember that he needs. So I figure he can help(a lot) with that one. I did the baby stuff in there. That should count for something shouldn't it? We have a lot of baby stuff that I don't know where to put. And that most likely won't change when the baby comes. But I am taking a break right now. I cleaned the walls, mop-boards, closet, door, all switches/plug-ins of any kind in that room, dresser, window sill, and whatever else you can think of in the bedroom today and I am doing laundry at the same time. I found some sheets on the floor in our bedroom and don't know if they are clean or dirty, so I am washing them. All the laundry is, hopefully, getting done today. I am walking around in pajamas so that my clothes can get washed. It is sad, I have to keep putting my clothes that don't or won't fit me anymore while I am pregnant in a bag in the closet and my clothes keep thinning out. Ignore the punn... I thought it was funny. I might have to resort to my old ways pretty soon and become the baggy jeans, t-shirt girl. I will have to do my hair so that I don't completely become my old Junior High School self again. Oh good times...
Last night, Steve and I decided to go to bed a little early. I wanted to play with the baby. So I laid down on my back in bed and got a flashlight. For those of you who haven't done this, I reccomend doing it. It is soooo much fun. We shined the flashlight right on my belly and moved it around a little bit. I think Caleb was a little shocked by this because he didn't know what to do. Then we put some music on, he really likes to dance to fast music. Anyways we put the music on and Steve was in charge of the flashlight, he has in one hand and the other he has on my belly trying to feel him move around. Steve just starts talking to Caleb telling him what to do and singing along with the music. And then Caleb does exactly what Steve tells him to do. And he starts dancing and kicking and just having a ball with the light and the music. Steve and I had so much fun doing that last night. It was great! We will have to do it again sometime so that we can get more and more aquainted with our little guy. Oh yea, so we really like the name Caleb and are pretty sure that is what we will name him. FUN!!! I will be 6 months pregnant in a week from Sunday! YEA! That means the 3rd trimester here we come! The ladies at work are throwing me a baby shower on August 31. I am very excited! Well have a great week guys and have fun during the school break!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poor Car...

So they say that bad things happen in threes so maybe we will be okay maybe with our next car... so to update you guys, on Friday the 31st of July I was in a car accident. My first one ever. What happened was, I was on my way home from work at the dentist's office in Idaho Falls and on the highway when this car to the right and just ahead of me started pulling into my lane. I was at his back tires so most likely in his blind spot. He forced me off the road into the median, I was coming back onto the highway and must have hit the gravel wrong and started going out of control. I spun and hit a car that was merging onto the highway. My car, or rather John's car looks like when you cook lasagna and have to bend the foil on top before you put it into the oven. The hood looks like that and the bumper is broken. Kinda looks like a smooshed something from the front end. The car doors still open just fine, but I don't want to drive the car on account that it's hard to see the road and when you turn right, the left hand tire scrapes against the body of the car. The other car basically what happened is the bumper fell off. Lucky them. So John's car is done for now. We have to take it to the shop and get it fixed. The insurance company is coming out tomorrow to assess the car and see what we can do about it.
About a rental. John's coverage doesn't cover a rental so we can only get a rental car if the guy who forced me off the road insurance claims liability and says that it was his fault. So if so, then they owe us a rental while ours is undriveable and in the shop. He got a citation for unsafe lane change so hopefully they will say that it is his fault and they won't fight it. That is what we are hoping for.
Steve and I are doing okay right now. My lower back is absolutely killing me and has been all day long. We have tried everything, from different positions to a bean sock(like a rice sock) and massages, and medicine, and stretching. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions? I hate how much it hurts. I guess that this is part of being pregnant. This must be the sucky part and the uncomfortable part that everyone keeps telling me to get ready for. Well, if something were to happen I guess this week is the best for it to happen because I have this week off from work and Steve's last day at Wal-Mart is on Monday!!! I am so excited!!! I will have a sleeping buddy again! I won't be alone at night! My hubby and I can eat together again! It's like going from single life to married life then back to single and now we are back to the married part! YEA!!!
Steve felt our little Caleb move a couple of times now. That is the name we are pretty set on for our little man, but we aren't positive yet. He was so excited the first time that he felt him move. And each time he is but it's always coolest the first time. Well, I guess I will talk to you all later and see you next year! LOVE YA!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Okay so update on the baby. He is doing great! I feel him kicking and moving around in there a lot, but sadly Steve can't feel the baby yet. Last night, my little sister came over for dinner and they both were feeling my belly cuz he was moving a lot and Steve goes, " If you feel something and I don't, I am going to be very upset." Bekah, my sister, goes oh my gosh i think i feel something! I was like is it a bump bump bump? And she's all yeah. I said yep thats my heart beat. She was a little dissapointed, but I think Steve was relieved. That would have been so sad if she got to feel our baby before Steve did. When is the father able to feel the baby move or anyone else for that matter? I am 21 weeks and nothing yet. I was talking to my friend yesterday and she is a month ahead of me and she said that her husband felt the baby when she was like 18 weeks! Is is different for everyone or do you start to feel the baby around the same time? Please let me know! Well, those of you who have been pregnant before... I LOVE MATERNITY PANTS/CLOTHES!!!! Whoever came up with those lovely things with the stretch bellies ROCK!!! I can't fit into my other pants comfortably anymore. How sad is that?! Well, I guess not really sad at all because that means that my baby is growing and getting bigger, which he especially needs to do. My doctor told me that there is a high chance that my baby will be underweight. Because I'm taking epileptic medication. Is that such a big deal? Is that something that I need to be worried about? If not, great! If so, then why? Should I start worrying now or later? Well, oh my car...
So the car that we just got like a couple weeks ago, the Hyundai Accent 2001 broke down on us. It needs a new motor which is going to cost like $3000! Steve's parents already put a lot of money into the car so we thought that it would be best to not fix it. The warranty on the new motor is only like 60 days so if it breaks down again? We're out of luck. So right now we are using my brother's car while he is away in Afghanistan. Hopefully, we will be able to save up enough money for a down payment on a car that is reliable and will last a long time while we start our family. I don't want to be stuck on the side of the road with a baby and no way to do anything about it. Right? Well life keeps on truckin' love you guys!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So in case you can't tell, WE'RE HAVING A BOY! I am so excited! Steve is really excited too. I'm glad that we're having a boy first that way we will have the protective older brother thing going on. YEA! I am so excited!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Park...

Okay, so the other day Rachel, Bekah, and I went maternity shopping at Wal-Mart, Deseret Industries (D.I), and went to Arctic Circle for lunch while we waited for our movie to start that night. We went and saw Ghost of Girlfriends Past. Don't see it. Way more riskay than I would have liked or thought possible. But anyways, we didn't find anything at those locations we were just chillaxin' till the movie and hanging out with each other. After all of that, it was pretty hot here and we decided to go to the water park and play in the water and take pictures. So we get there and they hose down in the shower to get ready, come out, I take a few pictures and the city turns off the water! What the HECK?! So a city official comes over and tells us that they caught some kid peeing in the water and they have to shut the whole system down and refilter all the water. Which is going to take 12 hours... so what do we do? We went to the playground, took some more pictures of the girls in thier beautiful swimsuits, and played on the playground to dry off. I was smart and did not get wet. Smart Sara is what they should call me. Or maybe just lucky Sara... But it was so much fun. At about 6 Steve and I went to the temple to do some sealing assignments. I just about passed out doing them. How embarrassing. I thought I was going to feint on the spot. Which just goes to show you that thirsty, hungry, tired, hot, and pregnant is not a good combination. What happens you ask? You get sick and almost pass out. Okay then we all, Steve, Bekah, Rachel, and I, went to Wendy's for dinner. OH MY GOSH!!! We are never doing that again. They have the WORST system ever for service. Okay here is what they did...
You stand in line to get your order taken, but they only take one order at a time although they have 2 cash registers, and they won't take the next persons order until the previous person's order is out to them. So it took us like 20 minutes in line and then they didn't have baked potatoes ready for another 15 mintues and I knew that whatever I ordered I knew I wasn't going to like. So that was a HUGE dissapointment. Other than that the day went pretty good. I FINALLY GOT MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!!!! They are so much more comfortable than regular pants. I love the stretchy stuff. Does Lycra shrink in the wash? Well I will have more later about the 4th of JULY!!!


Tiffany and Evan are in the back with the sweatshirts on and Rheah and Dustin are in the front.
Preston and Becca with their "children"

Hey Happy 4th of July! I am so mad at the Rexburg Police and City. Whoever is in charge of signs for the parade. SO I am on my way to Arctic Circle for work and to drop some medicine off at Bekah's for Rachel and I am going my usual route, when there are a bunch of cars and people, so I am going slow and there isn't a sign ANYWHERE that says, "Hey you can't drive down this street there is a freaking parade going on." So I get to the light and there is absolutely no way out, or to turn around, or anything, and this cop comes up to my car and asks me what I'm doing. He was the typical cop, sunglasses, mustache, you know the drill. So he asks me and I'm like, well I'm trying to get to work, but it seems I can't. And he's all well, yeah there is a parade going on you're going to have to back up and turn down this street. SO I do, but the whole time I'm thinking, DUDE put a sign up or something! So it takes me forever. I didn't have it in gear all the way and he's all come on hurry up. HOW in the WORLD am I supposed to hurry when there are little kids everywhere that I don't want to hit and people everywhere?! Someone tell me please! So I'm mad when I get to work which is never good. And the day was slow because it was the 4th and the parade and everything.
So we had a picnic that night. I made potato salad, the best I have ever made, if I do say so myself. We also brought the meat for hamburgers and hot dogs and a grill. Bekah brought fruit salad, plastic stuff for plates, utensils, cups, and the buns. Her roommates came too which was fun. And then Becca Farr and her husband came, and Tiffany and Evan, and Rheah and Dustin all came later. So we ended up feeding like a million people. We still have leftovers if you can believe it. After the picnic, Bekah and roommates decided they didn't want to go to Idaho Falls to watch the fireworks so they stayed in Rexburg while the rest of us went to Idaho Falls. Rachel wasn't feeling good, so she stayed at my house during this whole time. Which was fine cause it ended up that she had a fever and I wouldn't have wanted her out as late as we were... The fireworks were great. They lasted for about 30 minutes and were very fun. They started at about 10:00pm . Becca and Preston brought their dog, Tucker, and their cat, Luna, to the fireworks. I got to hold the kitten. She is only 3 months old so she is still little. And believe it or not she has a green tint to her fur. Weird I know. But way cute. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the picnic, I didn't even think of that. But we do have some of the fireworks and who we went with. I will label so you know who is who.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Man do I miss my husband. It stinks having someone you care so much about gone so much of the time. This was the part I hated when we were dating. You know the whole sleeping alone, and saying goodbye, and constantly worrying wondering if they're going to be okay when they come home. If they even come home. Steve is working at Wal-Mart at this stupid remodeling project. He is gone all night from 8:45 to 6 or sometimes even 7 in the morning. Which is when I am getting ready for work. Yep, the life of luxory. So I see him maybe a total of 3 hours a day? When he gets home he goes to sleep and I leave for work. When I get home at 5, he is either just getting up or he is already awake. So yep, then he gets ready for work at about 7ish or so. I am definitely suffering. I miss HIM! I miss the way he says my name or looks at me in the morning. I miss those kisses goodnight. I miss the spooning before we go to sleep. I miss hanging out with him during the day. I miss his jokes, his smile, the way we used to just BE. I must be really hormonal or something because I think this really sucks. Alas, this job isn't permanant. Just temporary until the remodeling is finished. Which is supposed to happen in August. But just you wait, He already has another job lined up. He starts on July 25 or something like that. He will be working crazy hours, really tired all the time, and be doing what he needs to do. He will be working something like 70 hours a week between the two jobs. I don't even know what to do with that kind of working hours. I guess I would just work. I am proud of him though, don't get me wrong. He is doing what our family needs right now to make sure that we will be okay. Yes, it is hard, and yes we both absolutely hate it. But we should make the best out of our crappy situations so that when the good ones come along, we will appreciate them much more. I love you Steve, never forget that.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home again...

Well, we are home again from Utah. Sad, but not sad at the same time. I missed our comfortable bed and home that we worked so hard on to be presentable and spanking clean since we moved in... My family left for Utah yesterday, but before they did they took me to lunch at my favorite restaurant in the entire world. The one, the only, Chili's. I always get the same thing there. The chicken crispers but without the corn on the cob because it is too watery and extra honey mustard. Mmmm mmmm mmmm! It was so nice to see my family again. I missed them so much! I think it is unnatural how much I am attached to my family. I will tell you this, I am NOT a loner. I get lonely when Steve is in the other room sleeping or playing his video games, which he doesn't do very often anymore. With his new job and all he is working 9pm to 6am sometimes later. And then he sleeps during the day. So I see him for a couple of hours each day before he or I go to work. I am still working two jobs. One at the dentist's office and one at Arctic Circle. It is a very busy schedule, but we do what we need to do to get by and to pay the bills, make ends meet, ya know?

The baby is doing great. I am about 5 months pregnant now and finally starting to show. I love it. I am so excited to be a mommy. Janice, Steve's mom, got us TONS of baby stuff. Plus my sister threw us a surprise baby shower in Utah. It was so funny, when I walked in the house everyone jumped out and said SURPRISE! I was like hey... not sure about what was going on. And then they told me that it was a baby shower. YAY!!! It was so much fun. We played tons of really fun games. Leah and Bekah did an amazing job planning it all, it was so much fun.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Well, Steve has finally gotten a job! I am so excited for him. He has been looking so hard and applying everywhere to get a job to be able to help our family right now. We really need it. Well, he is going to start working at Walmart here in Rexburg, Idaho. But the thing is that he is working the freaking graveyard shift. He works from 10 pm to 7 am. So when he is getting home from work I will be leaving for work. We will hardly ever see each other and I will lose my sleeping buddy. Sad day. That is not what I signed up for when I got married. The point was that I didn't have to sleep alone anymore. Sad. Oh well. We need the money, he needs to do something, and blessings come in strange forms. I am grateful but wishing for something else. I just have to keep telling myself that it is only temporary and will end at the end of the summer... hopefully.

Well on to happier things. My tummy is starting to buldge a little bit. I am so excited. I am starting to feel that it may not be the baby, but my tummy gaining the weight that I am gaining. At least I am gaining the weight back that I lost. Yah, get that. I lost at least 15 pounds from the beginning, but I am gaining it back! Yea and not yea at the same time. It is good but not good. Well, the baby is healthy and growing. It is eating everything that I am eating so obviously it likes it. Maybe the baby likes it too much. Go check out my facebook page to see the baby and how it looks now. I am so excited to get big and show that I am actually pregnant. Yea! I am excited to finally get to wear the maternity clothes. That will hopefully happen next month because by then I will be 5 months pregnant. Does anybody know? How far along are you before you before you start wearing maternity clothes? Anyone that has been pregnant out there, has kids, or anything, can you shed some light on this for me? When will this magical thing happen? OH and another question. Because I am a high risk pregnancy, I have a multitude of doctors. My OBGYN says that I am due on November 23, but my perionatologist which is like a high risk pregnancy specialist says I am due on November 30. Which one is it? I realize it is only a week apart, but that week means the difference of oh am I 13 weeks or 14 weeks? I never know how far along I am exactly. They both say that they are sticking with their due date so I don't know which one to tell people or how far along I am exactly. Confusing. Well if anybody out there knows, PLEASE let me know. I love you all thanks for everything.

OH and you Utah people out there, I will see you in JUNE! yes yes we are coming down there in June when John comes home before he leaves for Afghanistan. See you then!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So Steve and I are preparing and waiting and being happy.... Oh, you wanna know why? Well.... we are going to be parents! Yep that's right. I am pregnant. Scary thought I know. But it was bound to happen someday right? Craving and sickness wise, I have been craving lemons, not bread, hating bread, ummm vegetables, popcorn, and salt. Sickness wise I have just been very nauseous but luckily I haven't thrown up yet. Which is good. Well life is going pretty good right now.

Both jobs are going great. I am still working at Arctic Circle and at the Dentist's office. Both are going okay. Ice cream isn't smelling that great and neither is greasy food like burgers or whatever like french fries. Very interesting....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you Believe IT???

My hubby is amazing! When I got home from work today, he had dinner just about done and the dishes were done! That particular fact is amazing for our house since we don't do dishes as often as we should. We are trying this new thing out in fact that I don't think has ever been tried before. Its called clean as you go. The simple fact of the matter is that we clean up what we use after we use it. Easy, simple, and makes Saturdays much funner. I love him.... very much. More than he loves me.

Can you believe that we will be married a year at the end of this month?! In like 2 weeks!!! Oh I am so excited!!!! I think I know what I am going to get Steve, but he better get me something good too! I put alot of thought into mine... his better be the same. Not the same gift, but with a lot of thought, love, support, and maybe some money. I love this... all the excitement. My new job is going great! I think he actually counts me as worth something. SWEET! Which is good. I mean I think he does. Some of the people still count me as a child and treat me like one, which stinks. It makes me mad. But such is life right?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay so I guess it's fair to say that I haven't updated in a while. Ummm.... Lots has happened so I guess lets start with the boring/fun stuff. I know, no sense, but thats me. Okay well I did get a job as a Dental Assistant in Idaho Falls. That is so much fun I absolutely love it. I get to look into peoples mouths and tell them, " Hey! Brush your teeth everyday and this wouldn't happen!" Hehehehe... good times. It is sad to see little kids come in and their mouths are a disaster. Because at that age, it's not their fault, it is their parents fault who doesn't brush their teeth. Like, we had a child come in that his mom didn't brush his teeth with toothpaste... because the child didn't like it. What the HECK!!!!??? YOUR CHILD ISN'T YOUR BOSS, PARENTS YOU ARE OVER YOUR KIDS, YOUR KIDS ARE NOT YOUR BOSS!!!! UGHHHHH!!!!! That makes me so angry. You are not supposed to be your kids best friend, but their parent! Okay sorry a little venting. Steve found this new game online called Last Chaos. He has been trying to get me to play it with him online. SO finally last night for Family Night Activity, I played with him online for a while and it was actually pretty fun. I had fun playing with him on something that he enjoyed. I don't think that I will play it very much without him. It is fun to talk to him and to do something with him online. We got a new computer this past week. It is very sleek and cute and cheap. So we bought it. We didn't get a monitor because we already had an extra one. FUN!!! I like having two computers again, I can get on the internet and do what I need to do while Steve is doing what he needs to do. WHOOO HOOO!!!! Alright, well school is almost over and Steve is sooooo excited. He needs a break he has been working so hard on everything! I hope he does really well in his classes this year. When school is all done is when everything starts! We are going to visit family this year hopefully to see them because we haven't in so long. And then we are going to a family reunion with Steve's family this year! I am so excited. Okay well anything else? I don't think so... But if I think of something I will let you know!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama....wait.....

Alrighty, I have had several complaints that I haven't updated in a while and I guess it's true so here I go. Texas was so much fun! We got to go and do things that we wanted to do and some things that we didn't want to do, but it all turned out to be fun and exciting anyways! We got to go hunting, and shooting at a range, and hang out with family and eat really good food, and did I mention hang out with family and eat REALLY GOOD FOOD? Man, sometimes a girl overeats herself because the food is so good... ya know what I'm talking about? Well anyways we are home again and safe and sound for all those out there who care. It hasn't really been snowing here yet and we woke up this morning with snow!!! yea!!! we were way excited. Steve has been dying for some snow so he got his wish. Oh and he changed his major to Business Management from Mechanical Engineering. So way less math and he is so excited about that. I don't really know what else is going on in our lives right now... we are just living or at least trying to live to the fullest and happiest that we can. We are craving sushi but that is an expensive craving that we are just going to have to put on the back burner for a while now. Monday is our 9 month anniversary!!! yea!!! We don't know what to do about Valentines Day yet, that will be an interesting holiday. OH and Steve didn't know when Valentines Day was! Sorry to all you ex's out there who had to remind your boyfriend about Valentines Day. Oh if you have any cheap, amazingly romantic ideas for Valentines Day let me know so I can steal them and do them for my amazing man. Love you guys and I will talk to you later!