Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you Believe IT???

My hubby is amazing! When I got home from work today, he had dinner just about done and the dishes were done! That particular fact is amazing for our house since we don't do dishes as often as we should. We are trying this new thing out in fact that I don't think has ever been tried before. Its called clean as you go. The simple fact of the matter is that we clean up what we use after we use it. Easy, simple, and makes Saturdays much funner. I love him.... very much. More than he loves me.

Can you believe that we will be married a year at the end of this month?! In like 2 weeks!!! Oh I am so excited!!!! I think I know what I am going to get Steve, but he better get me something good too! I put alot of thought into mine... his better be the same. Not the same gift, but with a lot of thought, love, support, and maybe some money. I love this... all the excitement. My new job is going great! I think he actually counts me as worth something. SWEET! Which is good. I mean I think he does. Some of the people still count me as a child and treat me like one, which stinks. It makes me mad. But such is life right?


Alaina Nelson said...

A year! I really don't believe it! That's so cool! I hope you have an amazing anniversary, you guys deserve the best!

Aleese and Scott said...

Wow a year has it already been that long! Congrats I hope your anniversary is great!