Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay so I guess it's fair to say that I haven't updated in a while. Ummm.... Lots has happened so I guess lets start with the boring/fun stuff. I know, no sense, but thats me. Okay well I did get a job as a Dental Assistant in Idaho Falls. That is so much fun I absolutely love it. I get to look into peoples mouths and tell them, " Hey! Brush your teeth everyday and this wouldn't happen!" Hehehehe... good times. It is sad to see little kids come in and their mouths are a disaster. Because at that age, it's not their fault, it is their parents fault who doesn't brush their teeth. Like, we had a child come in that his mom didn't brush his teeth with toothpaste... because the child didn't like it. What the HECK!!!!??? YOUR CHILD ISN'T YOUR BOSS, PARENTS YOU ARE OVER YOUR KIDS, YOUR KIDS ARE NOT YOUR BOSS!!!! UGHHHHH!!!!! That makes me so angry. You are not supposed to be your kids best friend, but their parent! Okay sorry a little venting. Steve found this new game online called Last Chaos. He has been trying to get me to play it with him online. SO finally last night for Family Night Activity, I played with him online for a while and it was actually pretty fun. I had fun playing with him on something that he enjoyed. I don't think that I will play it very much without him. It is fun to talk to him and to do something with him online. We got a new computer this past week. It is very sleek and cute and cheap. So we bought it. We didn't get a monitor because we already had an extra one. FUN!!! I like having two computers again, I can get on the internet and do what I need to do while Steve is doing what he needs to do. WHOOO HOOO!!!! Alright, well school is almost over and Steve is sooooo excited. He needs a break he has been working so hard on everything! I hope he does really well in his classes this year. When school is all done is when everything starts! We are going to visit family this year hopefully to see them because we haven't in so long. And then we are going to a family reunion with Steve's family this year! I am so excited. Okay well anything else? I don't think so... But if I think of something I will let you know!


Aleese and Scott said...

Sounds like life is going really well for you guys! I always wanted to be a dental hygienist so what a fun job to be an assistant!

Alaina Nelson said...

woo hoo! I'm jsut excited that you posted! Sounds like life is going great for the two of you! Do your trips include UT? Might i get to see you this summer? Love you!