Monday, October 10, 2011

It finally happened

So remember what I told you yesterday? It happened again. But this time I wasn't so lucky. Picture the same thing but this time, with poop. Less around his face and mouth and more around his legs. Caleb decoded to paint his legs, the wall, the desk, the floor, the bed, pillow, sheets, and blanket. It really smelled when I went in there. And I quickly found out why. I showered Caleb and got to work on cleaning up. Fun. He really is my little turd bucket.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh my gosh... What is THAT?!

So you might have guessed from my text messages and maybe from the title that something amazing is going to happen today on the blog. Well, you are absolutely correct. Let's start from the beginning.
This morning when we woke up, I ignored the alarm and we slept 22 minutes longer than we should have. Now before you judge me on ignoring my alarm clock on a Sunday. Just know that I have not slept good for the past 3 nights in a row. Maybe a grand total of 9 hours in 3 days. So yes, if I could sleep I was going to. Sad. Caleb was being very complainey and whiney and just kind of annoying at 7:22 in the morning. Now, granted, by this time in the morning he is usually fed and ready for the day so I can understand why he would be upset. Steve gets up and jumps into the shower so that we can be ready for church on time at 8:30 which is going to be hard pressed since we were all getting up so late. I get out of bed and Caleb will not stop crying. He keeps saying "ow ow" so I think that he is hurt. He either hurt himself last night in bed or he isn't feeling good in general. So I grab his blankie and wrap it around him and that seems to calm him down a little. But not much is changing. So I bring him into the bathroom to make the morning rounds and to show/let Steve hear how and what is going on. I set him down on the ground and immediately the crying begins again. By this time I am getting worried that something is not right. I don't think he feels good. We decide to stay home from church and take care of Caleb. Which stinks because now we have missed the past 3 Sundays. I am losing it.  While I am changing Caleb he continues the owie thing and I start pointing to different parts of his body and saying owie to try and get him to let me know what hurts. When I get to his tummy and poke it he starts bawling so either it is an upset stomach or he is really hungry. I try and feed him some cereal and he won't eat it. Doesn't even touch it. The first thing we got him to eat of the day was goldfish. Then animal crackers. Then like berries. So we figure lots of fluid and plain food. Sad day. So Caleb has had a hard day, all in all. Okay on to the main event.We put Caleb down for his nap and don't hear much out of him. He "slept" for about 3 hours. When he started finally making noise it was an "ew ew ew" I open the door and see this...

OH MY GOSH! WHAT IS THAT?! The worst has finally happened. He finally decided to "paint". For all you parents out there, you know what that means... Then I look over to the desk and see this...

Yes that is correct CHOCOLATE! DARK CHOCOLATE! MY dark chocolate! Someone, and by someone I mean my wonderful hubby left my goodies on the desk. Caleb has successfully unwrapped and eaten at least 7 or more pieces. Yay. I was a mix of emotions. Yay! It's not poop! And the little turd ate all my dark chocolate! (pun intended). We can all breathe a sigh of relief... and gratification. Below is the video of it all. Hope you enjoy! I know Caleb did...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011