Monday, July 20, 2009


Okay so update on the baby. He is doing great! I feel him kicking and moving around in there a lot, but sadly Steve can't feel the baby yet. Last night, my little sister came over for dinner and they both were feeling my belly cuz he was moving a lot and Steve goes, " If you feel something and I don't, I am going to be very upset." Bekah, my sister, goes oh my gosh i think i feel something! I was like is it a bump bump bump? And she's all yeah. I said yep thats my heart beat. She was a little dissapointed, but I think Steve was relieved. That would have been so sad if she got to feel our baby before Steve did. When is the father able to feel the baby move or anyone else for that matter? I am 21 weeks and nothing yet. I was talking to my friend yesterday and she is a month ahead of me and she said that her husband felt the baby when she was like 18 weeks! Is is different for everyone or do you start to feel the baby around the same time? Please let me know! Well, those of you who have been pregnant before... I LOVE MATERNITY PANTS/CLOTHES!!!! Whoever came up with those lovely things with the stretch bellies ROCK!!! I can't fit into my other pants comfortably anymore. How sad is that?! Well, I guess not really sad at all because that means that my baby is growing and getting bigger, which he especially needs to do. My doctor told me that there is a high chance that my baby will be underweight. Because I'm taking epileptic medication. Is that such a big deal? Is that something that I need to be worried about? If not, great! If so, then why? Should I start worrying now or later? Well, oh my car...
So the car that we just got like a couple weeks ago, the Hyundai Accent 2001 broke down on us. It needs a new motor which is going to cost like $3000! Steve's parents already put a lot of money into the car so we thought that it would be best to not fix it. The warranty on the new motor is only like 60 days so if it breaks down again? We're out of luck. So right now we are using my brother's car while he is away in Afghanistan. Hopefully, we will be able to save up enough money for a down payment on a car that is reliable and will last a long time while we start our family. I don't want to be stuck on the side of the road with a baby and no way to do anything about it. Right? Well life keeps on truckin' love you guys!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So in case you can't tell, WE'RE HAVING A BOY! I am so excited! Steve is really excited too. I'm glad that we're having a boy first that way we will have the protective older brother thing going on. YEA! I am so excited!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Park...

Okay, so the other day Rachel, Bekah, and I went maternity shopping at Wal-Mart, Deseret Industries (D.I), and went to Arctic Circle for lunch while we waited for our movie to start that night. We went and saw Ghost of Girlfriends Past. Don't see it. Way more riskay than I would have liked or thought possible. But anyways, we didn't find anything at those locations we were just chillaxin' till the movie and hanging out with each other. After all of that, it was pretty hot here and we decided to go to the water park and play in the water and take pictures. So we get there and they hose down in the shower to get ready, come out, I take a few pictures and the city turns off the water! What the HECK?! So a city official comes over and tells us that they caught some kid peeing in the water and they have to shut the whole system down and refilter all the water. Which is going to take 12 hours... so what do we do? We went to the playground, took some more pictures of the girls in thier beautiful swimsuits, and played on the playground to dry off. I was smart and did not get wet. Smart Sara is what they should call me. Or maybe just lucky Sara... But it was so much fun. At about 6 Steve and I went to the temple to do some sealing assignments. I just about passed out doing them. How embarrassing. I thought I was going to feint on the spot. Which just goes to show you that thirsty, hungry, tired, hot, and pregnant is not a good combination. What happens you ask? You get sick and almost pass out. Okay then we all, Steve, Bekah, Rachel, and I, went to Wendy's for dinner. OH MY GOSH!!! We are never doing that again. They have the WORST system ever for service. Okay here is what they did...
You stand in line to get your order taken, but they only take one order at a time although they have 2 cash registers, and they won't take the next persons order until the previous person's order is out to them. So it took us like 20 minutes in line and then they didn't have baked potatoes ready for another 15 mintues and I knew that whatever I ordered I knew I wasn't going to like. So that was a HUGE dissapointment. Other than that the day went pretty good. I FINALLY GOT MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!!!! They are so much more comfortable than regular pants. I love the stretchy stuff. Does Lycra shrink in the wash? Well I will have more later about the 4th of JULY!!!


Tiffany and Evan are in the back with the sweatshirts on and Rheah and Dustin are in the front.
Preston and Becca with their "children"

Hey Happy 4th of July! I am so mad at the Rexburg Police and City. Whoever is in charge of signs for the parade. SO I am on my way to Arctic Circle for work and to drop some medicine off at Bekah's for Rachel and I am going my usual route, when there are a bunch of cars and people, so I am going slow and there isn't a sign ANYWHERE that says, "Hey you can't drive down this street there is a freaking parade going on." So I get to the light and there is absolutely no way out, or to turn around, or anything, and this cop comes up to my car and asks me what I'm doing. He was the typical cop, sunglasses, mustache, you know the drill. So he asks me and I'm like, well I'm trying to get to work, but it seems I can't. And he's all well, yeah there is a parade going on you're going to have to back up and turn down this street. SO I do, but the whole time I'm thinking, DUDE put a sign up or something! So it takes me forever. I didn't have it in gear all the way and he's all come on hurry up. HOW in the WORLD am I supposed to hurry when there are little kids everywhere that I don't want to hit and people everywhere?! Someone tell me please! So I'm mad when I get to work which is never good. And the day was slow because it was the 4th and the parade and everything.
So we had a picnic that night. I made potato salad, the best I have ever made, if I do say so myself. We also brought the meat for hamburgers and hot dogs and a grill. Bekah brought fruit salad, plastic stuff for plates, utensils, cups, and the buns. Her roommates came too which was fun. And then Becca Farr and her husband came, and Tiffany and Evan, and Rheah and Dustin all came later. So we ended up feeding like a million people. We still have leftovers if you can believe it. After the picnic, Bekah and roommates decided they didn't want to go to Idaho Falls to watch the fireworks so they stayed in Rexburg while the rest of us went to Idaho Falls. Rachel wasn't feeling good, so she stayed at my house during this whole time. Which was fine cause it ended up that she had a fever and I wouldn't have wanted her out as late as we were... The fireworks were great. They lasted for about 30 minutes and were very fun. They started at about 10:00pm . Becca and Preston brought their dog, Tucker, and their cat, Luna, to the fireworks. I got to hold the kitten. She is only 3 months old so she is still little. And believe it or not she has a green tint to her fur. Weird I know. But way cute. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the picnic, I didn't even think of that. But we do have some of the fireworks and who we went with. I will label so you know who is who.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Man do I miss my husband. It stinks having someone you care so much about gone so much of the time. This was the part I hated when we were dating. You know the whole sleeping alone, and saying goodbye, and constantly worrying wondering if they're going to be okay when they come home. If they even come home. Steve is working at Wal-Mart at this stupid remodeling project. He is gone all night from 8:45 to 6 or sometimes even 7 in the morning. Which is when I am getting ready for work. Yep, the life of luxory. So I see him maybe a total of 3 hours a day? When he gets home he goes to sleep and I leave for work. When I get home at 5, he is either just getting up or he is already awake. So yep, then he gets ready for work at about 7ish or so. I am definitely suffering. I miss HIM! I miss the way he says my name or looks at me in the morning. I miss those kisses goodnight. I miss the spooning before we go to sleep. I miss hanging out with him during the day. I miss his jokes, his smile, the way we used to just BE. I must be really hormonal or something because I think this really sucks. Alas, this job isn't permanant. Just temporary until the remodeling is finished. Which is supposed to happen in August. But just you wait, He already has another job lined up. He starts on July 25 or something like that. He will be working crazy hours, really tired all the time, and be doing what he needs to do. He will be working something like 70 hours a week between the two jobs. I don't even know what to do with that kind of working hours. I guess I would just work. I am proud of him though, don't get me wrong. He is doing what our family needs right now to make sure that we will be okay. Yes, it is hard, and yes we both absolutely hate it. But we should make the best out of our crappy situations so that when the good ones come along, we will appreciate them much more. I love you Steve, never forget that.