Sunday, July 5, 2009


Tiffany and Evan are in the back with the sweatshirts on and Rheah and Dustin are in the front.
Preston and Becca with their "children"

Hey Happy 4th of July! I am so mad at the Rexburg Police and City. Whoever is in charge of signs for the parade. SO I am on my way to Arctic Circle for work and to drop some medicine off at Bekah's for Rachel and I am going my usual route, when there are a bunch of cars and people, so I am going slow and there isn't a sign ANYWHERE that says, "Hey you can't drive down this street there is a freaking parade going on." So I get to the light and there is absolutely no way out, or to turn around, or anything, and this cop comes up to my car and asks me what I'm doing. He was the typical cop, sunglasses, mustache, you know the drill. So he asks me and I'm like, well I'm trying to get to work, but it seems I can't. And he's all well, yeah there is a parade going on you're going to have to back up and turn down this street. SO I do, but the whole time I'm thinking, DUDE put a sign up or something! So it takes me forever. I didn't have it in gear all the way and he's all come on hurry up. HOW in the WORLD am I supposed to hurry when there are little kids everywhere that I don't want to hit and people everywhere?! Someone tell me please! So I'm mad when I get to work which is never good. And the day was slow because it was the 4th and the parade and everything.
So we had a picnic that night. I made potato salad, the best I have ever made, if I do say so myself. We also brought the meat for hamburgers and hot dogs and a grill. Bekah brought fruit salad, plastic stuff for plates, utensils, cups, and the buns. Her roommates came too which was fun. And then Becca Farr and her husband came, and Tiffany and Evan, and Rheah and Dustin all came later. So we ended up feeding like a million people. We still have leftovers if you can believe it. After the picnic, Bekah and roommates decided they didn't want to go to Idaho Falls to watch the fireworks so they stayed in Rexburg while the rest of us went to Idaho Falls. Rachel wasn't feeling good, so she stayed at my house during this whole time. Which was fine cause it ended up that she had a fever and I wouldn't have wanted her out as late as we were... The fireworks were great. They lasted for about 30 minutes and were very fun. They started at about 10:00pm . Becca and Preston brought their dog, Tucker, and their cat, Luna, to the fireworks. I got to hold the kitten. She is only 3 months old so she is still little. And believe it or not she has a green tint to her fur. Weird I know. But way cute. Sorry I didn't take pictures of the picnic, I didn't even think of that. But we do have some of the fireworks and who we went with. I will label so you know who is who.

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