Sunday, August 30, 2009

New House!

So we moved in this week on Tuesday. We were supposed to move in at 8am, but some unexpected events occurred and we couldn't move in until 6pm. What happened was the old managers' son broke his arm while they were moving and so that put a halt in things. It kinda sucked. We bought donuts and everything for the people that were going to help us move, but since we couldn't move until that night, Steve and I ended up eating almost all of them. Well, mostly me. I had like 4 or 5 donuts by the time Steve had had 2. I know. Horrible. But they were delicious. I am craving some cinnamon rolls right now. They sound so good. We or rather I, unpacked and put everything in some place on Wednesday. Just about everything anyways. I started my job a day early on Thursday and we have already had a white glove meeting on Friday and did some yard work on Saturday. Steve is having a hard time going to work now and then. He just wants to stay home and help me around the house. Or so he says. I am thinking he just wants to play some video games or something. I can't be sure though, there are a lot of things that need to be done. We need to paint the house, the nursery, clean the kitchen, tear down the wallpaper in the kitchen, replace it with something pretty looking, and do some handiwork around the house. I know, it's a lot to do. But I want the house looking perfect for our new arrival. The nursery and everything needs to be set up and painted soon. I would like it done before the baby comes so that it doesn't have to be done when he comes. I still need diapers. Tons of diapers. And wipes. So, if anyone feels the need, I wouldn't stop you from getting us those. Can you just put new wallpaper on top of old wallpaper? Or do you have to take down the old wallpaper before you put up the new? I will put up some pictures of my baby bump soon. I am just so busy all the time. I hope that my bump does get bigger so that people stop looking at me like I'm just fat instead of pregnant. Oh well. Have a great day and enjoy your summer while it lasts!

Friday, August 21, 2009


We are moving on Tuesday. So this weekend we will be packing and getting the house ready. I hate the packing part so I am procrastinating it as much as possible. This is going to be the best and worst part of this week. We planned out our meals for the next week and are so excited for what we planned. Cheap, affordable meals that will be yummy. We are excited. My brother and his wife and baby may be joining us this next week for a couple of days. That will be so much fun if they can do that. We will be in our new house on Tuesday so that will be fun. I like the unpacking part cuz then everything is new and you get a change in things. The packing just makes a mess out of boxes and totes and everything else. No fun. We are watching Caleb get bigger and bigger. You can see him kick now. My belly moves and everything. It is so cool looking. Life is going good here in Idaho. The temperature is wonderful. It isn't too hot or too cold. It is perfect. But then, once the fall or winter comes it isn't very fun. Too cold for me. Steve loves it though. He is weird like that. I would much rather be hot than cold. People always say to me, well you can always put more clothes on. I say you can always take them off. The birthday suit is and always have been a favorite of mine. Weird huh. I like the swimsuit option. With a pool option of course. I like it. Well, have a great summer!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


So Steve and I got the management position!!!!! We are so excited! We will be working on a men and women's student housing complex. So it will be a full-time job. Including like clean check's, lawn maintenance, and lots of other things that we are in charge of. So my last day at work at the Dentist's office is Wednesday the 19th of August? I think. It's next Wednesday though, whatever date that is. We move into our new house on August 25. So we are trying to sell our apartment as soon as we possibly can. We have already had a couple of people come by and look at the place, but no follow-up things since then. So that is a little dissapointing. But life will continue. So we are selling our kitchen table and chairs, the office desk, the couch, the entertainment center, and giving away our funky chair. The house we are moving into, come with those things so we don't need them and there is no use in storing them when we have them in the house and we don't know how long we will have this job. This will save us so much money! We can save up for the baby and whatever expenses this baby will bring. And that will be a lot of stuff. It is a good thing that I cleaned the house last week. Now, it doesn't take me like 2 hours to clean, but like 30-40 minutes. It is exciting. Hopefully we will be able to sell this place and not have to pay the rent for September. That would suck. Joe and Leah are having a baby boy! YAY! That is exciting. And Eric and Kelcie and coming to spend this weekend with us, which rocks! Joe and Leah and Cannon are coming, hopefully, a week later. But we don't want to curse it. So we will keep our fingers crossed, but not say anything definite. I will ttyl!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning?

Okay so this week I had off from work so I had the "bright" idea to clean my house while I am home this week. I mean like really clean it. Deep down, cleaning mopboards, scrubbing tubs, that kind of clean that you always dread when you're a kid and it starts to come around to the spring time of year that most houses refer to as the dreaded Spring Cleaning. Well, I hate it now as much as I did then, but the difference is that it is my house now and it is only going to get done if I do it. How is that fair? I hate the deep down cleaning part, but then once it's all done, it looks great, if you can keep it up. I mean there is no use to cleaning your house if you're just going to let it get all dirty again. I have that problem sometimes. I clean the house on Saturday and then get lazy and don't keep it up during the week to just come around and have to work hard to clean it all over again on Saturday. So, so far I have done the bathroom, office(kinda), and the bedroom. The office is only kinda done, because that is Steve's domain and I don't want to put stuff somewhere that I won't remember that he needs. So I figure he can help(a lot) with that one. I did the baby stuff in there. That should count for something shouldn't it? We have a lot of baby stuff that I don't know where to put. And that most likely won't change when the baby comes. But I am taking a break right now. I cleaned the walls, mop-boards, closet, door, all switches/plug-ins of any kind in that room, dresser, window sill, and whatever else you can think of in the bedroom today and I am doing laundry at the same time. I found some sheets on the floor in our bedroom and don't know if they are clean or dirty, so I am washing them. All the laundry is, hopefully, getting done today. I am walking around in pajamas so that my clothes can get washed. It is sad, I have to keep putting my clothes that don't or won't fit me anymore while I am pregnant in a bag in the closet and my clothes keep thinning out. Ignore the punn... I thought it was funny. I might have to resort to my old ways pretty soon and become the baggy jeans, t-shirt girl. I will have to do my hair so that I don't completely become my old Junior High School self again. Oh good times...
Last night, Steve and I decided to go to bed a little early. I wanted to play with the baby. So I laid down on my back in bed and got a flashlight. For those of you who haven't done this, I reccomend doing it. It is soooo much fun. We shined the flashlight right on my belly and moved it around a little bit. I think Caleb was a little shocked by this because he didn't know what to do. Then we put some music on, he really likes to dance to fast music. Anyways we put the music on and Steve was in charge of the flashlight, he has in one hand and the other he has on my belly trying to feel him move around. Steve just starts talking to Caleb telling him what to do and singing along with the music. And then Caleb does exactly what Steve tells him to do. And he starts dancing and kicking and just having a ball with the light and the music. Steve and I had so much fun doing that last night. It was great! We will have to do it again sometime so that we can get more and more aquainted with our little guy. Oh yea, so we really like the name Caleb and are pretty sure that is what we will name him. FUN!!! I will be 6 months pregnant in a week from Sunday! YEA! That means the 3rd trimester here we come! The ladies at work are throwing me a baby shower on August 31. I am very excited! Well have a great week guys and have fun during the school break!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poor Car...

So they say that bad things happen in threes so maybe we will be okay maybe with our next car... so to update you guys, on Friday the 31st of July I was in a car accident. My first one ever. What happened was, I was on my way home from work at the dentist's office in Idaho Falls and on the highway when this car to the right and just ahead of me started pulling into my lane. I was at his back tires so most likely in his blind spot. He forced me off the road into the median, I was coming back onto the highway and must have hit the gravel wrong and started going out of control. I spun and hit a car that was merging onto the highway. My car, or rather John's car looks like when you cook lasagna and have to bend the foil on top before you put it into the oven. The hood looks like that and the bumper is broken. Kinda looks like a smooshed something from the front end. The car doors still open just fine, but I don't want to drive the car on account that it's hard to see the road and when you turn right, the left hand tire scrapes against the body of the car. The other car basically what happened is the bumper fell off. Lucky them. So John's car is done for now. We have to take it to the shop and get it fixed. The insurance company is coming out tomorrow to assess the car and see what we can do about it.
About a rental. John's coverage doesn't cover a rental so we can only get a rental car if the guy who forced me off the road insurance claims liability and says that it was his fault. So if so, then they owe us a rental while ours is undriveable and in the shop. He got a citation for unsafe lane change so hopefully they will say that it is his fault and they won't fight it. That is what we are hoping for.
Steve and I are doing okay right now. My lower back is absolutely killing me and has been all day long. We have tried everything, from different positions to a bean sock(like a rice sock) and massages, and medicine, and stretching. I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions? I hate how much it hurts. I guess that this is part of being pregnant. This must be the sucky part and the uncomfortable part that everyone keeps telling me to get ready for. Well, if something were to happen I guess this week is the best for it to happen because I have this week off from work and Steve's last day at Wal-Mart is on Monday!!! I am so excited!!! I will have a sleeping buddy again! I won't be alone at night! My hubby and I can eat together again! It's like going from single life to married life then back to single and now we are back to the married part! YEA!!!
Steve felt our little Caleb move a couple of times now. That is the name we are pretty set on for our little man, but we aren't positive yet. He was so excited the first time that he felt him move. And each time he is but it's always coolest the first time. Well, I guess I will talk to you all later and see you next year! LOVE YA!