Thursday, August 13, 2009


So Steve and I got the management position!!!!! We are so excited! We will be working on a men and women's student housing complex. So it will be a full-time job. Including like clean check's, lawn maintenance, and lots of other things that we are in charge of. So my last day at work at the Dentist's office is Wednesday the 19th of August? I think. It's next Wednesday though, whatever date that is. We move into our new house on August 25. So we are trying to sell our apartment as soon as we possibly can. We have already had a couple of people come by and look at the place, but no follow-up things since then. So that is a little dissapointing. But life will continue. So we are selling our kitchen table and chairs, the office desk, the couch, the entertainment center, and giving away our funky chair. The house we are moving into, come with those things so we don't need them and there is no use in storing them when we have them in the house and we don't know how long we will have this job. This will save us so much money! We can save up for the baby and whatever expenses this baby will bring. And that will be a lot of stuff. It is a good thing that I cleaned the house last week. Now, it doesn't take me like 2 hours to clean, but like 30-40 minutes. It is exciting. Hopefully we will be able to sell this place and not have to pay the rent for September. That would suck. Joe and Leah are having a baby boy! YAY! That is exciting. And Eric and Kelcie and coming to spend this weekend with us, which rocks! Joe and Leah and Cannon are coming, hopefully, a week later. But we don't want to curse it. So we will keep our fingers crossed, but not say anything definite. I will ttyl!

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