Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter in Wonderland

Hey Everyone!!!
Okay so it has been a while since I last wrote. A little update on our life. I just finished nannying miss Illiana. Caleb is getting more and more crazy. More and more, boy-ie...? (is that even a word???) He is growing up fast. Building things, talking tons!, repeating EVERYTHING he hears. SO we have to watch what we say and what shows are on, because he has even heard the I-d-i-o-t word and the s-t-u-p-i-d word. Which he will say randomly. "I so stupid. or my favorite stupid idiot!" Putting them together. We are trying to teach him that we don't say those words. Hard. Steve has been working hard and getting ready to go to CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the new year. I am NOT looking forward to that at all! I hate it when we are apart. It makes me be a single mom while he is gone. Not fun.

I got called this week to come in and temporary dental assist at an office near us. AWESOME! But I had to find someone to take care of Caleb because usually I am the one looking after him.

Winter in California is weird. It is rainy all the time and when it rains, it pours. Plus it gets cold when it rains. Lately it has been the 30s and 40s and the high is 50. I thought California was supposed to be sunny all the time and happy and 70 degrees all year long. Not so in the Bay Area apparantly.  Frustrating.

Anyways! Merry Christmas! Have a great one! And enjoy time with your family!

Love you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Okay so I think we are finally getting used to the idea of living in California. And yes, you were right. It is WAY more expensive to live here than we thought. Thank you for the warning that we decided not to heed. Looking back now, I think it is more expensive than you even let on... But who would've known that gas prices would've exploded? LOL! Yeah,  like that is the only thing that is more expensive here. Okay so we were so NOT in the mood for Halloween this year. And by we I mean Steve. It was a little difficult to get into the mood of the holiday because in our apartment complex we are not allowed to decorate for ANY holiday before a week before the actual holiday and have to take down our decorations immediately following said holiday. So, for instance that means that for Christmas I can't decorate my house until the 18th of December and must take down all said decorations probably the day after. Which isn't any fun. I mean the best part about decorating for Christmas to be exact is looking at the decorations you spent so long putting up all month, am I right? UGH! Okay well it was super cute dressing up Caleb this year. We bought him an Optimus Prime Transformer outfit which he wore to the Trunk or Treat and was SUPER cute!!! But come Halloween I couldn't convince him to wear clothes, yet alone his outfit. So finally I told him that he had to wear pants because it was cold outside and I had to go to the doctor. As well as a long sleeve shirt. Then I put him in his Batman pajamas to get him into the spirit of dressing up and hopefully wanting to wear his Transformers outfit later. But lo and behold he didn't want to be Optimus Prime. He wanted to be BATMAN!!! No biggie. He just wore his Batman pajamas to go trick or treating that night. Here he is!!!!

This last one is a BEAUTIFUL picture of my behind while Caleb is pushing the doorbell while he is trick or treating! I know right?!! He is absolutely adorable!!! We had a LOT of fun going around with Caleb this year. He was SO into it. MUCH better than last year. The only downside is that it seemed like there wasn't a whole lot of kids out trick or treating this year. Compared to when we were younger and trick or treating. There was a whole lot of cars and it seemed like the parents drove their kids around to go trick or treating thus no one at home to give out treats. I don't know if that is the "thing" now, but I don't like it. Did anyone else notice that this year? Or is it just California??

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Alright, well we have been in California for a little while now. We are getting used to life here. Steve has finally worked at ASUS for more than 90 days now! Which means that he is past his probationary period which means that we get insurance. Yay!! My life basically consists of taking care of Caleb all day long and cleaning the house once in a while. He has grown so much. He now likes to play with monsters, dinosaurs, trucks/cars, trains, screaming at the top of his lungs, and helping mommy with whatever I am doing at the time. He is potty training right now....still... but it is worth it not having to change diapers all the time now. It does stink when he messes up and I go through like 10 underwear in like 2 days... sometimes even one day... But life goes on. He is talking in full sentences sometimes even asking me, " mommy, what are you doing?" He can count to 5 sometimes 6 and with help to 10. I just love him so much! Steve is working all the time. He is busy at work but working hard for us. So it is very much appreciated. We have been thinking about getting another car just because it would be a million times easier to do things during the day as Steve doesn't get home until about 7pm each night. So I am stuck at home with Caleb, talking to a 2 year old all day long. I love him but I need adult interaction. I wish we lived close enough to a park or something that I could take Caleb to that I don't have to worry about spiders all the time. We have a playground at our complex, but they never clean it and there are TONS of spider webs and cobwebs everywhere. I don't feel comfortable having Caleb play there. I went in and asked them if them could get a hose and spray it down and they said they just cleaned it about a week ago, and that spiders just come back everyday. I was like, really? Because I think the cobwebs have been there longer than a week. Ugh! Oh well. I am tired. I am getting up early tomorrow to go work out with my friend Kristen. Yay! Finally gonna work out.... kinda...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sandbox Terror

Okay So on Cinco de Mayo we cleaned the house, awesome. Then we went to the park to play. It took us like literally 20 minutes to find a parking spot. There were baseball games going on and on and on and on. There wasn't enough parking for all the events and the park and there was also a ummm birthday party going on. Not enough parking. Then we finally found a spot and this lady was standing in the middle of the parking spot like she freaking owned it. No. She was saving it for someone. NO!!! You don't get to do that when there isn't enough parking for everyone. NOOOO!!!!! If I were driving I would have honked my horn and made her leave. That is the kind of mood I was in. Plus the fact that we had driven around for so freaking long looking for a parking spot. UGHHH! Steve is a much better person than me because when she waved us on, yes I said waved us on like she was a freaking parking attendant or a flight attendant, anyways he just went right on.
So we get the park and Caleb goes like directly to the slide and plays there for a little bit and then comes the dreaded sandbox. It is actually pretty cool because they built this ummm like moat that you push a button and water flows out of a faucet and through a maze and down the wall then you can catch the water and make sand/mud with the water you catch. What is that called, wet sand? Anyways, there was this like 8 year old there who had made an island and mote and stuff and it looked really cool, but there was at least 10 other kids there who wanted to play too, and play in the sandbox in the cool water that he made, but he wouldn't let them. It really pissed me off. My kid came to play at the playground how he wanted to play, he didn't come to get bossed around. Now I understand that this other kid wanted to play how he wanted to play too, but that shouldn't come at the cost of taking other kids happiness or tears. He was telling a maybe 1 year old not to put the sand in the water mote that he had made, like that little kid is going to understand. I really wanted to go and tell that kid off, Steve stopped me. If Steve wasn't there to stop me I definitely would have. I guess that is the real me. I want to tell people off for the littlest things. Wow, I guess I am like a meanie. Either I had a horrible day or man, I really am a pessimist. Instead of the 8 year old being the terror, is it me? Am I the sandbox terror?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My daydreaming...

Okay so you know those moments where you are kind of bored when someone is talking to you or you just aren't really paying attention to whats going on? I seem to be having those more and more often. I was talking on the phone to someone, and in the interest of not hurting someone's feelings I won't say their name, but just know that I love you. Well, I was talking on the phone to his wonderful person and I just couldn't stay focused on the conversation. Ugh I hate that. Well now that we have been in California for a month now, I figured that we should get our car registered and get a new license for the car and for my wallet. I was taking the new drivers test here and I failed the first time! What?! FAIL??? What the heck? SO I took it over again and passed the second time.  But I didn't get my new license because they were all like you have to be interviewed by the Driver's Safety Team of the DMV to make sure that you are okay to drive. Apparently if you have Epilepsy, then you have to be interviewed as well. Not that I haven't been driving for years.... it just frustrates me. I mean they started treating me differently and looking at me differently once they found out about my medical condition. I was at the DMV office from about 11:15-11:30ish until 2:30. That is freaking forever. I can't believe that I waited that long. OH and while we were there, Caleb had a blowout... twice... The first time he wet through his diaper and got his shorts wet. Oh and fun fact, they didn't have a changing table in the restroom so I got to change him on the floor. Whoo! And then he was running around in shoes, a shirt, and a diaper. I got some awesome looks, let me tell you. SO I had to let his shorts dry. And while I was talking to the different attendents Caleb was crawling around on the floor and laying on the floor and running around me. And while I was taking the test(s) I had to hold Caleb because he had fallen asleep and so I was singing Popcorn Popping and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Once there was a Snowman to him to try and calm him down. I was so frustrated by the time I left. I can't even tell you.
Caleb has started this new stage that I am not liking so much. He takes a nap one day and not the next. Then maybe the next day but not for the next two days. It bothers me. Oh well. What are you gonna do?
Oh tonight we are having the missionaries over for dinner tonight. Yay! I like our missionaries they are fun. I am serving them breakfast burritos. Or as Steve's family calls them, Breakfast Tacos. Yay. And I have to clean house tonight and wash clothes if possible. Saturday is the Elder's Quoarm's activity of a pot luck pinewood derby. I am excited. Steve has been working hard on his car. I hope everything turns out good. I will take pictures when I can.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome HOME!!!!

Okay, So we are finally home in Fremont, California. We finally found a place to live. Which coincidentally is the cheapest place we found. It doesn't meet all of my have to's. Like a washer and dryer in the apartment, or a dishwasher, or a microwave. We had to go out and buy a microwave. And we just do without a dishwasher besides our own hands. We have to wash the dishes everyday of course. Things like this, really make you remember the nice things in life. As for laundry, we have a facility on site but it is a coin op laundry facility or we can go to a laundry mat here in town. The on site one is $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry. Each load. So that costs us about $60 - $70 each month just to do laundry. We have settled into a nice little routine each day. Steve doesn't have to be to work until 9am so we have the privilege of  sleeping in until 7:30 -8:00am each morning. Depending of course on Caleb and how early he decides to get up. Then Steve gets in the shower and  gets ready for work. We eat breakfast, Steve leaves. Then at about 9:30am I start my morning workout. Followed by a shower. Then Caleb and I hang out the rest of the day. Steve gets home at 6:30pm and gets off work at 6pm. So we usually eat dinner around then so we can all eat together.
Caleb has really been into Scooby Doo and the gang lsately so I feel like that is all I see. He learns alot each day. I have to really be careful of what I am doing and saying, otherwise I hear it back. For instance, we were letting him watch Tom and Jerry, but he started to act out what they were doing, so I had to stop that. He would start to hit us and stuff and that isn't cool. He loves that he gets to see and talk to my family each week on Google+. Oh the other day he had a poopy diaper at nap time and I didn't know it. He kept calling me from his room and I just thought it was him wanting to come out. So finally I went in there and he had taken his diaper off and his hands were covered in poop. You could see the finger prints in his diaper. I am just glad that I got in there before he started drawing on things.
Well that is about our life right now. So much stuff to do. I should go it is about time to begin my workout. Tchau!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mansfield, Texas....

Alright, well, for the past little while we have moved in with Steve's parents and are living with them until Steve finds a job. So far, nada. Which really sucks. Because I am almost to the point of crazy town. It is insane because I am so grateful for everything that they are doing for us. At the same time, it is hard to live in someone else's house. You don't really have control over anything. And two women sharing a kitchen is always a struggle no matter where you live. I have been cleaning the house and doing the things that the Kofoed's can no longer do. Which I am treating like my job. But on the other hand, I want to be looking for a job as a dental assistant. I could be earning money to put away for when we do get a job. And Steve is still looking. We have like no savings right now. So, we need all the money we can get. We finally got the middle room painted and organized. It looks good. It is two different colors. A baby blue and a turtle chocolate. It is cute. And this week the room/house is getting measured to see if we can get new carpets. YAY!!!! I am really looking forward to that part.
SO onto potty training. Caleb now cries and cries everytime we have to change his diaper and put a new one on. It makes me think he is ready to be potty trained but I don't have the time right now to do it. It sucks. I wish he would just automatically do it and then it would be done overnight. Sadly, that doesn't happen.
Steve made me chocolate strawberries for Valentine's Day tomorrow. I am not sure how I feel about it. They were really sweet, and I am thankful that he did that for me. Am I just being paranoid and stupid? Should I just be grateful that I get a present at all? Probably. So how is life for everyone else out there? Hope it is good. Hope your day goes good. Wish I could see you soon. I miss my family so much.
sorry it is so random tonight.