Monday, October 5, 2009


Okay well as promised, here are some pictures of the nursery completed. I hope you like!
So because I couldn't paint the room, but I did anyways, I helped. I painted some edges and door frames. I wore this mask so that the fumes wouldn't bother me. Steve couldn't really understand me when I talked and I sounded like Darth Vator when I talked and I had to talk slow and loud for him to even have a chance of understanding me. Funny right?
The changing Table

The posters that are above the crib

The crib
Half the dreser and a close-up of the plaque I made
The dresser with a bunch of blankets on top
The closet

Well, if you hadn't heard or saw, It freaking snowed today! What the heck?! I don't like the snow right now. It is cold, wet, damp, and everything else that is awful in this world. Snow isn't my friend right now. I complained all day about the snow. It is cold and wet. I didn't go outside except to throw the first snowball of the season at Steve when he was on his way home for lunch. HEheheheeheheheh! But he didn't even fight back! He just let me throw the snowball at him. That part wasn't so fun. He said he wouldn't fight back right now cuz I'm so big and pregnant that it would be hard to run and manuever around. So I'm glad about that. Life is going pretty good right now here. Caleb is doing good, he is having a fun time in there I think. It is warmer in there than it is out here so I hope he is comfortable. We are going to the doctor more and more now. Fun times. I am due in about 7 weeks. Exciting! But hopefully, he will come on time or a week earlier. I don't want him to be too early, that isn't very good. Well, life is good. Have a great day!

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Aleese and Scott said...

Very cute room you guys did a great job!! Lucky you only seven weeks left, I am a little jealous!