Sunday, November 15, 2009

And Counting......

Okay so whoever said that the last month of the pregnancy is the longest was TOTALLY RIGHT! This little guy is taking forever to come. I know I am not due for another 8 days but the fact that I don't know when he is going to come is driving me insane! I wish that I knew he was going to come on a specific day so that I can be completely prepared for that day. I won't even ask for the time. Just the day. I am tired of wondering will it be today? The fact that I have contractions everyday sometimes 6 to 8 minutes apart doesn't help things. Should I start timing them when my stomach hardens or when the pain starts? Because sometimes it is different. I don't know what to do, this is my first time. SO ANY advice is good advice. I will accept it willingly and gracefully. So an update on Caleb. He is now 6lbs. 9oz. which is a very good size for a baby. He is officially ready to come and we are ready for him. He just needs to pick a day. If he listens to his dad, then he will be coming on Friday. If not, then that is fine with us as long as I get to spend Thanksgiving at home with my family. Food, think of all the fabulous food we will get....... I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!!!! Everything is going pretty good here. My Grandma is having surgery on Thursday and we are going to see her after Steve gets off work. It will all be okay... Well I will talk to you later! LOVE YOU!

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