Tuesday, September 23, 2008

APX Party

We went to an APX party that they throw every year last friday. Turns out there were like 8,000 people there.  And they were giving out free prizes like 42 inch plasma tv's, mountain bikes, 4-wheelers, go carts, cash prizes, and they were throwing money out into the crowd. Of course they only threw out dollar bills. And when they picked people for the contests, they picked the cutest girls they saw or their friends. Which for us married girls who can't jump that high, and only want to dance with their husbands, well it leaves us out of the grab bag for anything that we wanted. The guy next to us won a t.v. because he ate 8 raw hot dogs the fastest. Come on, anyone can do that. Easy! Not that I'm jealous or anything. At the end of the party at like midnight, they were giving out 500 dollars, and everyone was pushing towards the front, which was where we were, and practically squishing me. Steve's husband instinct kicked in and he pushed like 10 people off of me and they all fell on the ground. They all looked at him like what the heck are you doing? Steve goes "She's my wife, you're hurting her!" And then we left. SO I guess this just goes to show that the pretty really do get everything in life. Plus husbands rule!

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