Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Okay so I think we are finally getting used to the idea of living in California. And yes, you were right. It is WAY more expensive to live here than we thought. Thank you for the warning that we decided not to heed. Looking back now, I think it is more expensive than you even let on... But who would've known that gas prices would've exploded? LOL! Yeah,  like that is the only thing that is more expensive here. Okay so we were so NOT in the mood for Halloween this year. And by we I mean Steve. It was a little difficult to get into the mood of the holiday because in our apartment complex we are not allowed to decorate for ANY holiday before a week before the actual holiday and have to take down our decorations immediately following said holiday. So, for instance that means that for Christmas I can't decorate my house until the 18th of December and must take down all said decorations probably the day after. Which isn't any fun. I mean the best part about decorating for Christmas to be exact is looking at the decorations you spent so long putting up all month, am I right? UGH! Okay well it was super cute dressing up Caleb this year. We bought him an Optimus Prime Transformer outfit which he wore to the Trunk or Treat and was SUPER cute!!! But come Halloween I couldn't convince him to wear clothes, yet alone his outfit. So finally I told him that he had to wear pants because it was cold outside and I had to go to the doctor. As well as a long sleeve shirt. Then I put him in his Batman pajamas to get him into the spirit of dressing up and hopefully wanting to wear his Transformers outfit later. But lo and behold he didn't want to be Optimus Prime. He wanted to be BATMAN!!! No biggie. He just wore his Batman pajamas to go trick or treating that night. Here he is!!!!

This last one is a BEAUTIFUL picture of my behind while Caleb is pushing the doorbell while he is trick or treating! I know right?!! He is absolutely adorable!!! We had a LOT of fun going around with Caleb this year. He was SO into it. MUCH better than last year. The only downside is that it seemed like there wasn't a whole lot of kids out trick or treating this year. Compared to when we were younger and trick or treating. There was a whole lot of cars and it seemed like the parents drove their kids around to go trick or treating thus no one at home to give out treats. I don't know if that is the "thing" now, but I don't like it. Did anyone else notice that this year? Or is it just California??

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