Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Alright, well we have been in California for a little while now. We are getting used to life here. Steve has finally worked at ASUS for more than 90 days now! Which means that he is past his probationary period which means that we get insurance. Yay!! My life basically consists of taking care of Caleb all day long and cleaning the house once in a while. He has grown so much. He now likes to play with monsters, dinosaurs, trucks/cars, trains, screaming at the top of his lungs, and helping mommy with whatever I am doing at the time. He is potty training right now....still... but it is worth it not having to change diapers all the time now. It does stink when he messes up and I go through like 10 underwear in like 2 days... sometimes even one day... But life goes on. He is talking in full sentences sometimes even asking me, " mommy, what are you doing?" He can count to 5 sometimes 6 and with help to 10. I just love him so much! Steve is working all the time. He is busy at work but working hard for us. So it is very much appreciated. We have been thinking about getting another car just because it would be a million times easier to do things during the day as Steve doesn't get home until about 7pm each night. So I am stuck at home with Caleb, talking to a 2 year old all day long. I love him but I need adult interaction. I wish we lived close enough to a park or something that I could take Caleb to that I don't have to worry about spiders all the time. We have a playground at our complex, but they never clean it and there are TONS of spider webs and cobwebs everywhere. I don't feel comfortable having Caleb play there. I went in and asked them if them could get a hose and spray it down and they said they just cleaned it about a week ago, and that spiders just come back everyday. I was like, really? Because I think the cobwebs have been there longer than a week. Ugh! Oh well. I am tired. I am getting up early tomorrow to go work out with my friend Kristen. Yay! Finally gonna work out.... kinda...

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