Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter in Wonderland

Hey Everyone!!!
Okay so it has been a while since I last wrote. A little update on our life. I just finished nannying miss Illiana. Caleb is getting more and more crazy. More and more, boy-ie...? (is that even a word???) He is growing up fast. Building things, talking tons!, repeating EVERYTHING he hears. SO we have to watch what we say and what shows are on, because he has even heard the I-d-i-o-t word and the s-t-u-p-i-d word. Which he will say randomly. "I so stupid. or my favorite stupid idiot!" Putting them together. We are trying to teach him that we don't say those words. Hard. Steve has been working hard and getting ready to go to CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the new year. I am NOT looking forward to that at all! I hate it when we are apart. It makes me be a single mom while he is gone. Not fun.

I got called this week to come in and temporary dental assist at an office near us. AWESOME! But I had to find someone to take care of Caleb because usually I am the one looking after him.

Winter in California is weird. It is rainy all the time and when it rains, it pours. Plus it gets cold when it rains. Lately it has been the 30s and 40s and the high is 50. I thought California was supposed to be sunny all the time and happy and 70 degrees all year long. Not so in the Bay Area apparantly.  Frustrating.

Anyways! Merry Christmas! Have a great one! And enjoy time with your family!

Love you!

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