Monday, February 28, 2011

Caleb Walking!!!!

Alright so it has been a long week and an even longer month. Updates. Steve has received an internship down in Bountiful, Utah for this summer in a marketing firm. I am not sure of the name but Fluid is in it. He starts there the beginning of May or the end of April. It isn't paid so one of us will have to find a part-time job there and we are still looking for somewhere to stay since we will only be there for the summer, that may prove difficult. Caleb has been having all kinds of problems. He has had diharea forever and when we took him to the hospital last for accidental ingestion, the doctor at the hospital said that we should try a no dairy diet for a while and that should help normalize his bowels. Which it did and didn't at the same time. He would start out good during the day and then just get more and more loose. Sorry, you probably don't want to hear about my son's bowel movements. Not fun. Lots of diapers. So. Talked to the pediatrician today and he said to take him into the hospital for tests to see if he is allergic to something, or if he has an enzyme deficiency, or if he is syliac. He said based on the results they might have to do a biopsy depending on what the results are. I get the "fun" part of collecting stool samples for them. How fun for me. They gave me 3 vials to collect. Yuck! I am still cleaning the office and laundry room, which I must say that No One who lives here, at the complex, treats the laundry room like they would if it was in their own house. I will just leave it at that. Otherwise, life is good. Steve is still wanting school to be out and over with as soon as possible. And I agree with him. No homework makes for a happy family. He has senior-itis bad. He will graduate in December! Whoo-hoo! I expect to see ALL of you there for that. If not and something comes up, thats okay. Just don't cry when we don't see you for a while... LOL. Sorry just kidding. I learned how to crochet and am making a scarf right now. It is nice to have a hobby again. Oh and I just finished my cross-stitch that I started when Steve and I got married and were living in Afton, Wyoming in 2008. Amazing huh? And my next goal is to make matching suit vests for my boys for Easter. Yay! But we will see how that comes. Alright, well let me know if you need anything! Love ya!

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