Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In Texas... FINALLY!!!

Alright, so this summer has been CRAZY! Dealing with the psycho substitute manager at our apartments where we live in Rexburg, has been an absolute NIGHTMARE! She is evil. She hates women and deals okay with men. So from now on she is only dealing with Steve if we have to deal with her at all. Okay so we just moved from the back of the complex to the front of the complex. Yay! The laundry room is so much closer and the parking isn't bad either, plus we are downstairs now instead of upstairs. Which totally rocks! I love it. At least, I hope I will. We have moved all of our stuff in, like still in the boxes unpacked, but we haven't actually moved in moved in yet. So it is a crazy crazy life. So Steve is in Utah currently working at an unpaid internship in Bountiful. It is a marketing internship from a company called Fluid Studio. He is having fun. He also has a job in Salt Lake working at a FIVE star hotel called Grand America. He works nights there and days at the internship. He also is taking an online class called umm... Math 108. It is an easy, but required math course that he has to take. SO he is busy, busy, busy. SO that is going to take the whole summer. He probably won't be back in Rexburg until either the beginning or the end of August. SO instead of just sitting the apartment feeling sorry for myself the whole summer, the Kofoed's suggested I come down and visit. I thought it was an excellent idea. I could stay busy and be around family this summer instead of feeling sorry for myself. So I am here in Texas until June 8th. Then Steve's dad and I will drive up to Utah for a wedding and I will be back in Idaho probably on like the second or third week of June.
So so far while I have been here I have gone pistol shooting, gone shopping, gone out to eat, and lots more fun things. We are still planning on going shooting again and fishing and working out. And many more things. I am having so much fun. Caleb and I are going to my parents place on Saturday. We are going to go down to the beach at Galvaston with my whole family. Everyone is coming to town. I am excited!
This has been so much fun and we are going to enjoy every minute and soak up all the sun and heat! I love it! I will talk to you soon and see you sooner!

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