Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here comes February!

Alright, well life continues on despite the freezing temperatures and the snow continuing to pile up. Caleb is still not walking, although he is 14 months old. Everyone keeps telling me that that is okay. A lot of kids don't walk until they are like 15 months old. I have continued to have it in the back of my mind however because it seems like everywhere I look babies younger than Caleb are walking. I was just visiting teaching the other day, and the lady's daughter was 9 months old and walking everywhere. My nephew started walking around like 9 or 10 months old. It is not fair at all! I know I will probably regret saying this, but I can't wait until he is walking everywhere. Then I won't have to hold him all the time. Steve thinks that I hold him too much already. Which I probably do. I just finished reading this AMAZING series of books called The Hunger Games. I absolutely loved them. Tons of adventure and romance and action. Not to mention the sadness and frustration you feel towards different characters all the time. It is so weird how these little things happen that remind you that there is more to your little life than taking care of your family. That was the first thing that I have done for myself in a LONG time. Steve and I were talking and we decided that I need to get a hobby. So this week, since I finished The Hunger Games, I started To cross stitch. It has been fun. I love the way the threads feel on the top. I can't stop running my fingers across them.
Caleb has started this non-dairy diet thing going on. The doctor at the hospital said that that might help his congestion problems and his bowels. Oh yeah, he went to the hospital because he decided to drink/eat the vapor rub that you put on your chest when you get sick. Fun Times. Well Steve has been going to school and trying to find internships for this summer. We will see how this goes. Well, life has its ups and downs. Lets just try to move past the downs on our way to the ups.

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Aleese and Scott said...

Don't worry he will be walking before you know it! With my twins where I have done everything the same, Liam has been walking since 11 months and Lilly is 13 months and still doesn't walk.

Keep doing things for yourself! If you don't you will go crazy:) Hunger games is awesome! I just finished The Mortal Instrument series. You should read them!