Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Okay, Lets see whats going on since we wrote last. At Caleb's 2 month doctor appointment, ya know the one where he gets all the shots, he weighed in at 11.2 pounds and 22.8 inches long. He is growing fast. He has started the making spit bubbles stage. He doesn't know how he is doing it yet, he just does it. He loves to stand up with help of course. He is talking a lot more now. And finally learning how to smile. He does it then I think he forgets how to do it. But then when he figures it out he is very smiley. He loves his baths now. He splashes a little in the water and cries when I take him out. I am following mom's advice and letting him be naky for 15-30 minutes each day after I bath and lotion him up to help with diaper rash. He likes being naked. He loves his monkey toy. He follows it with his eyes and head when I play with him. He would rather look at the monkey than his mommy. But that is okay as long as he is learning. Questions? I can't think of anything else that he is doing right now. That is new anyways.

Okay, Now the older Kofoed news. Ummmm..... Steve and I are trying to go a week without television or video games. He has been getting distracted too much and having to stay up late doing homework which is never good. The staying up late part not the homework part, although that does stink. I am going back to school part time starting on February 22, 2010. I qualify for grants but no scholarships. That is okay with me. Work is going good. We are sometimes sick of it, but we get over those times. Steve loves playing with Caleb when Caleb decides to play back. It is snowing here in Rexburg, Idaho. It always is right? Hopefully it will stop soon so we can have the Spring. I look forward to that. We are planning to come and visit all you in Utah come April around graduation time. Hopefully we will be able to get a new car while we are down there. Well, have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sara, Steve, and Caleb

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