Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A growing little boy

Hey everyone!
This is the all famous Kofoed's in Idaho. So life. Life here is cold...ish. I mean, it's been snowing and raining this past week/days. The highs are in the 30s. Which has been kind of warm. It was very sunny and happy today. I love it. Caleb is growing...and fast. I can't believe how big he is. He seems like he is 8 pounds. Or more. I love it. He can smile now. It is the absolutely cutest thing in the world. It doesn't matter what kind of day you've had. If he smiles at you, it melts your heart right away. I think thats why babies are so cute, so that their parents don't hurt them. Today THE coolest thing happened, I was visiting Steve at work and he took off Caleb's blanket to show him off to the office, and Caleb of course woke up. He looked around saw people he didn't know and a place he didn't know and cried a loud, scared kind of cry. I got up immediately and went over there. As soon as he saw me, he stopped crying! How cool is that? He recognizes me! He knows me! He knows my voice! I LOVE IT! Last night, when Steve got up with Caleb, Caleb was apparently being very frustrating and such, and then at the peak of Steve's frustration, Caleb looked at him at smiled. Steve goes, "Don't smile at me, I'm upset at you." But Caleb kept smiling and so Steve smiled and it just melted the daddy one's heart. I love being a mommy.
So Medicaid. We went there to apply for me since Steve's insurance doesn't cover prescriptions and I need prescriptions. Apparently to be on medicaid on a family plan, for 3 people, you must make below $317 a month. SO it doesn't look like we will be doing that. Any other ideas? To be on Steve's insurance, the insurance cost goes from $275 a semester to $975 a semester with me as a dependent. HOLY CRAP! That is a lot of money. Caleb is covered on Medicaid until he is a year old and then... idk. Hopefully we will have a plan by then.
School is going good for Steve. He likes his classes. He doesn't really like his business teacher, but he is giving him another chance, so I hope he will come to like him more and more so that the semester goes smoothly. Work is going good. He got a promotion and now is the Scholarship Specialist. SWEET! Which means a pay raise. WHOO- HOO!!!!
Work is going good. We are busy and a little crammed, but it all works out.

WE love our life here in Idaho and wouldn't have it any other way! LOVE YOU!

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