Tuesday, December 2, 2008


WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! I finally have a job! I am a cashier/work the front at Arctic Circle. I have worked there for 3 weeks now and it is bringing money in. I make $6.55 an hour, which isn't much and isn't going to be enough for rent plus gas, electric, gas for the car, groceries, care credit payment, and more. But the fact that I finally have a job is ecstatic! It feels good to know that I am no longer failing my family because I couldn't provide for them. I just love the way that feels. It feels good to work again. To be able to do something during the day and feel useful that I am actually doing something! So nice. Well, school gets out soon for Steve and I graduate on the December 6th. Which is nice because then I can start working on and getting my externship completed. Steve is doing GREAT in school. He is making excellent grades. I am learning to love life. Life is what happens when you make plans and they go otherwise. I love my hubby and am so grateful for everything that he does for me. He is the best husband that I could ever ask for. Mu-wah! I love you honey!


Alaina Nelson said...

Great! Im so happy for you! I am sure that you were never "failing" your family as you said... Love you

Sara said...

It sure feels like it if you're supposed to be providing for your family and helping them get through the rough times that sometimes if you're not fulfilling that responsibility then I feel like I'm failing them.